Monday, August 3, 2009

Subjects For This Semester

Hello everybody, we meet again. In my this new entry, I want to talk about subjects I am taking for this semester. I am taking five subjects including co-curriculum. My subjects for this semester are Macroeconomic (ECO 211), Islamic Economic ( CTU 241), Fundamental of Finance (FIN 262), Statistic (QMT 216), English (BEL 311), Arabic Language (BAB 101), and the last one is co-curriculum Hockey (HSL 119).

First subject I want to talk about is English (BEL 311). My lecturer for this subject is Mr. Izuan. Mr. Izuan gives us first assignment. He asked us to do weekly writing assignment which means we have to post our writing in our blog that we created in our first class. This assignment is kind of interesting because it is different from our past assignments. This assignment trains me how to write a good writing. Honestly, I am not good in writing especially in grammar part. I am really weak in grammar but I always try to improve my grammar. So, this assignment is a good indicator to measures my grammar improvement. Every week, I try to write and perform good writing. Every lesson I got in my English class I implement it into my writing.
Secondly, my next subject is Finance. This is my core subject. My lecturer for this subject is Mr. Syamsyul. In this subject we are tought how to manage and calculate our finance.Honestly this is my favourite subject for this semester. I like the way he teaching us. He gives us advise how to got A in this subject. He asked us to do past semester questions as much as we can. This is the way how to get A in Finance. For his class we have to attend early because if we do not arrive in accurate time he will locks the door. So far, no body attends his class late.
Thirdly, subject Islamic Economics (CTU 241) is tought by Ustaz Kamarulzaman. He is one of famous lecturer in UiTM Segamat. He always gives usrah in mosque. When he teaching in class he do not refers to text book. He said to us that text book we read only in colleges not in his class. So, when we in his class, we have to hear what he teach about. He never makes our class boring through his teaching. He always makes some joke to encourages his students to give more attention in his class.
Next, subject Statistics (QMT 216) is tought by Cik Arfah. This subject focus on how to collects data and interpret data in easier ways. I be able to analyze data and make conclusion based on data collected. Subject statistic is very interesting because we can use statistic knowledge in accounting, management, and mathematics. She is very good and nice lecturer. We easy to understand every single topic she teach. She also asked us to do an assignment for this subject. That assignment is counted for our carry mark. We have to do it properly to get high carry mark.
My last subject for this semester is Arabic Language (BAB 101). I chose this subject because I think Arabic Language is interesting to study. My lecturer for this subject is Ustaz Syazali. All students in this campus knows him.Arabic language subject do not has final examination but we have to do final project. In his class we have more chatting than study because when he enter the class he ask us to chat with him about anything. When 30 minutes before class dismiss then, he will ask us to open the text book.That is the way he teaching us. Different lecturer, different teaching style.
That's all my story about my subjects for this semester. In conclusion, I like all lecturers of my subjects in this semester. I hope that I will excellent and get dean list in this semester. InsyaAllah.

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