Monday, July 27, 2009

Being A Senior

Hello everybody, this is my third entry for my BEL 311. First of all, I want to say my apologise to Mr. Izuan because this is late posting. I got cough and fever for last 2 days. In this entry, I want to talk about being a senior. Currently, I am in part 3. In Sempana Riau college, part 3 students can be categorised as seniors. I do not feel I am real senior because there are part 4, part5, part 5, even bachelor students in my college. All of them must be respected.
I was placed at wing 2A. In my wing part 3 students is the most seniors students. There are also part 2 and part 1 in my wing. So, all part 2 and part 1 students give their respects to me. In the first wing 2A meeting, we all part 3 students have first assignment for all part 1 students. All they need to do is collect all part 3 students signatures. We did not mean to torture part 1 students but to encourage them to get know all part 3 students. When they interviewed me for my signature, I ask them to questioning me as much questions as they can. They have to wrote in small books whatever I said. When I satisfied all questions they asked me, then I gave my signature. If I do not satisfy they will continue ask me questions until I satisfy and willingly to give my signature.
There are other rules for all juniors that they must to obey. They have to smile to seniors where ever they meet seniors. This is because smile is one way for juniors to show their respect to seniors. For me, if I meet juniors at any place and they do not show their respect to me, I will orientate until they realize they have done something wrong to me. Orientation is the best way for seniors to teach and educate juniors how to live in Sempana Riau college. They will do the same things when soon they become seniors. This tradition will continue to maintains peace in Sempana Riau college.
All part 1 and part 2 students should be grateful because they got nice seniors in their wing. If they have any problems whether academic problems or other problems, all seniors are willingly to help them. As a senior, I always hope that all juniors in my wing can socialise and live peacefully with seniors. I also tell them we are in the same wing must live as a family.
That's all story about me being a senior. I hope all juniors will understand why seniors made some rules for them to obey. I also hope that all juniors in my wing will excellent in the first semester in UiTM Segamat.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Roommate

Hello, this is my second entry for BEL 311. I am going to talk about 'My Roommate'. My roommate since I was semester 1 is Mohamad Syahrul Nizam bin Md Ishak. We are placed in the same room since last 2 semesters. He was the first person I know since I registered in UiTM Segamat. Now he is taking course of Diploma in Information Management (DIIM).
Syahrul live in Tangkak, Johor. He was born in 4 November 1990 just earlier one day from my birthday. He was born and raised in Tangkak. He has 5 siblings and he is the third one. He has two older sisters, one younger sister and one younger brother. His father work as a teacher at a secondary school near Tangkak. His mother is a housewife. He has a happy family. When the first time I met him, he was a quiet person and we rarely talk to each other. Day to day we are getting closer and I found that he is a nice person. Since that day, we shared all about ourselves to each other.
Syahrul's hobbies are playing computer games and watching movies. He does not like outdoor sports. So, most of his leisure time he spends in the room. He like playing computer games such as Warcraft, Ragnarok Online and Counter Strike. When have nothing to do, we play computer games together. Playing computer games together with him is one of most sweetest memory for me in UiTM Segamat. His favourite foods are ' Nasi Goreng Ayam ' and ' Nasi Goreng Pattaya '. He also like drinks such as Ice Milo and Ice Tea. He said to me that in the future he wants to be a teacher just like his father. I pray that his ambition will come true.Something special about Syahrul is he is an expert about something related to computer.
If my laptop is having problems I will ask him to fix it for me. Once, my laptop was having virus problems, he willingly offered himself to help me by formatting my laptop. I cannot forget all his good deeds for the rest of my life.
That's all about my roommate. I hope our friendship will continue although we graduate and out from UiTM Segamat

Friday, July 10, 2009

About Me

My name is Muhammad Hafiz Bin Ahmad. My nickname in the class is Frankie. I am 19 years old. I was born at General Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Now I live at Semenyih, Selangor. I was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur. My first primary school was at Sekolah Rendah Jalan Gurney 1, then Form 1 until Form 3 I studied at Sekolah Menengah Padang Tembak. After Form 3 I moved out to Semenyih and I studied at Sekolah Menengah Engku Husain until end of Form 5.

After I got my SPM result, I got an offer study in UiTM Segamat in Diploma In Banking. I chose this course because I like to study something related to finance. After I registered at Uitm Segamat, I was placed at Sempana Riau college. This was the beginning of my campus life. I was placed at Wing 2A,Room 220. At the college, I started to know other students from different backgrounds and different places. I discovered that everybody is nice and friendly.

I like eating ' Nasi Goreng Daging Merah '. My favourite drinks are Ice Milo and Ice Tea. I like watching television series such as Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), House and Supernatural. I also like watching movies such as Forrest Gump, Terminator and the latest one is Transformers. My hobbies are playing football and computer games. Since I love football, my favourite football team is Real Madrid. I watch all Real Madrid matches every week .

My father's name is Ahmad Abid and my mother's name is Normah Hj Samad. My father works as a librarian at Perpustakaan Tun Abdul Razak, Petaling Jaya. My mother is a housewife. I have 2 younger brothers. The first one is 16 years old and the second one is 13 years old. They are studying at the school near my house.